In Memoriam: The Gambia-April 10th, 2000 Students’ Massacre & Timeline

By Mathew K Jallow, Madison, Wisconsin, USA Exactly fourteen years ago this week, sixteen young Gambian students’ lives were cut short by the crackle of machine-gun-fire.

View Point

Gambia Democratic Group blasts Yaya Jammeh over Rights violations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Raleigh, North Carolina U.S.A. February 17 2014: The Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG) expresses its concern at the Gambia government’s continuous harassment, unlawful arrest and detention of citizens. ... Full story

Family &Gender Matters

Petitioners seek Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham’s freedom

By Ebrima G. Sankareh, Editor-in-Chief A group of concerned citizens have launched a petition that campaigns for the immediate release of Messrs. Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham. The two Gambians went ... Full story


Naming Diaspora Leader Potentially Ominous—Posits Barrister L J Darbo

In Summary: "Merely naming a “leader of the Diaspora struggle’ will do nothing of practical import for the image of CORDEG, never mind its political fortunes assuming it is so ... Full story


The Daring Feat of a Young Gambian Journalist

By D. A. Jawo Book Title: Africa’s Hell on Earth. Author: Omar Bah Africa’s Hell on Earth, is quite a moving account of how a young Gambian journalist made a dramatic escape from ... Full story


Senegalese Artists & Gambian Audience– A 'One Way Freeway'

By Momodou Ndow As far as I can remember, Senegalese music has always been in my ambient surroundings. Allow me go to give a little background; my Grandma’s radio used to ... Full story


Gambian Letter writer advises Jammeh on Basic Economics

Dear President Yaya Jammeh: I am not a politician and have no intentions of being one in the near future. Therefore, I am writing this open letter to you, my compatriot ... Full story

The Verdict

Raleigh Conference Publishes Permanent Steering Committee

   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From the Organizers of the Gambia Conference for  Democracy and Good Governance. Raleigh, North Carolina U.S.A. After weeks of consultation with partners across the globe, and in line with ... Full story


Girls lead as Commonwealth celebrates brightest young writers

PRESS RELEASE: 20th November 2013 On Tuesday 19th November, nineteen year old New Zealander Katherine McIndoe and twelve year old Guernsey girl Tabitha Carr were the guests of honour at a ... Full story


The Gambia Echo Contact Information

Editors  & Managers The Gambia Echo Newspaper7407 Sandy Creek Dr.Raleigh, NC 27615Ph. 919-614-6792 (USA)Ph. +44-758-814-6964 (UK)Email: Email:  Echo Radio Click Here:   ... Full story

Dr Fox Says...

Dr Fox says | "In Gambian politics, Monkeys work and baboons eat." Dr Fox says | “Dekabee--Gambia, Dodeham.” Dr Fox says | “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar Dr Fox says | “Habemus Presidium.” Dr Fox says | "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."~ Nelson Mandela Dr Fox says | “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” ~Socrates

Editor's choice

Dear Colleagues, I hope this appeal finds you in good spirits.  As the spring semester is nearing an end, I am compelled to reach out to ... Full story
“I don’t care about tribe because I do not really know what tribe I am. I know my mom is Futa Fula and my dad a Tukolorr, but throughout my political career, I have either spoken in English; a foreign language or Wollof; a local language I learnt from the streets. Despite this, I can speak Mandinka and Fula and no one can slur me in any of these languages.”--OJ ... Full story
The founder of the Gambia Echo newspaper, Wilfred Davidson Carrol, and his uncle, Samuel Forster Jr, the first Gambian to qualify as a barrister at ... Full story
By Mathew K Jallow, Madison, Wisconsin, USA Exactly fourteen years ago this week, sixteen young Gambian students’ lives were cut short by the crackle of machine-gun-fire. ... Full story
By D. A. Jawo Today (April 10) is the 14th anniversary of the student demonstration in April 2000 when the security forces brutally put down a ... Full story
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